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학술대회 Performance Evaluation of TCAM Based Pattern-Matching Algorithm
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성정식, 권택근, 허재두
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2008 (Fall), pp.1-5
08MC4800, One-Service-Cross-Domain 지원을 위한 통합형 u-서비스 프레임워크 개발(표준화연계), 허재두
With the increasing importance of network protection from cyber threats, it is required to develop a multi-gigabit rate pattern-matching method for protecting against malicious attacks in high-speed networks. This paper devises a high-speed deep packet inspection algorithm with TCAM by using an m-byte jumping window pattern-matching scheme. The proposed algorithm significantly reduces the number of TCAM lookups per payload by m times with the marginally enlarged TCAM size which can be implemented by cascading multiple TCAMs. Due to the reduced number of TCAM lookups, we can easily achieve a multi-gigabit rate for scanning the packet payload. Furthermore, multi-packet inspection is achieved easily by the extended state transition diagram with the shifting distance. With simulation results, we have clearly justified the proposed algorithm works well for a multi-gigabit network intrusion detection system. ©2008 IEEE.
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Cyber threats, Extended state, High speed network, Intrusion detection system(IDS), Multi-Gigabit, Network protection, Packet payload, Performance evaluation, State transition diagram, deep packet inspection(DPI), malicious attacks