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학술대회 Downloadable User Interface for Mobile Devices
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윤민홍, 이재호, 김선자
International Conference on Networked Computing and Advanced Information Management (NCM2008), pp.422-425
08MS3300, 서비스지향 맞춤형 모바일 미들웨어 기술 개발, 김선자
Except for hardware design, the user interface of mobile devices creates the first impression for users. Mobile devices such as cellular phones are used to expose users' characters and preferences. Sounds, fonts, colors, and background images are used to reveal users' personalities. The demand for means of expressing one's character via mobile devices has been raised by advanced display technology, higher resolution and many more colors. Flash Lite of Adobe Systems, Inc and uiOne of Qualcomm, Inc reflect these requirements, and achieve good results. But Flash Lite and uiOne have weakness as other solutions do. Users cannot exceed the functionality that each user interface system provides. This paper introduces new downloadable user interface which overcomes the disadvantages of other solutions. The downloadable user interface includes multiple UI Engines which supports different types of user interface. The downloadable user interface has been deployed on the Linux based smartphone of ETRI. © 2008 IEEE.
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Display technology, First impression, Hardware Design, Mobile devices, User Interface System, cellular phone