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학술대회 Compact Implementation of SHA-1 Hash Function for Mobile Trusted Module
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김무섭, 류재철, 전성익
World Conference on Information Security Applications (WISA) 2008 (LNCS 5379), v.5379, pp.292-304
08MS2500, 차세대 모바일 단말기의 보안 및 신뢰 서비스를 위한 공통 보안 핵심 모듈 개발, 전성익
We present a compact SHA-1 hardware architecture suitable for the Mobile Trusted Module (MTM) that requires low-area and low-power characteristics. The built-in SHA-1 engine in MTM is one of the most important circuit blocks and contributes the performance of the whole platform because it is used as key primitives supporting platform integrity and command authentication. Unlike personal computers, mobile platform have very stringent limitations with respect to available power, physical circuit area, and cost. Therefore special architecture and design methods for a compact SHA-1 hardware module are required. Our SHA-1 hardware can compute 512-bit data block using 6,812 gates on a 0.25μm CMOS process. The highest operation frequency and throughput of the proposed architecture are 114MHz and 164Mbps, which satisfies processing requirement for the mobile application. © 2009 Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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Built-in, CMOS Process, Command authentication, Design method, Hardware Architecture, Hardware module, Hash Function, Low-Power, Mobile Application(APP), Mobile platform, Mobile trusted module