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학술대회 Security Requirement for Cyber Attack Traceback
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유종호, 나중찬
International Conference on Networked Computing and Advanced Information Management (NCM) 2008, pp.653-658
This paper aims at providing definition of technology to track the origin of the attacking programs such as hacking and viruses. In addition, it offers the guideline of the prerequisite factors as for networking and other generals when taken into account tracking technologies for counter-cyber attacks to program developers including security companies. For these purposes, this paper also conceptualize the traceback scenarios under various networking domain environment allowable for cyber attacks, while describing the required factors as a whole for tracing the attacking origins as well as other general things viewed from program requesters. Finally, it renders systematic standards required for the ongoing and would-be development of traceback technologies, along with standards to secure and authenticate the evidences violating information securities. © 2008 IEEE.
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Cyber attacks, Security requirements, Tracking technology, attack traceback