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학술대회 MAC Implementation for IMT-Advanced Multi-Gigabit Nomadic Systems
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송유승, 최지연, 김윤주, 박현구, 이석규
International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC) 2008, pp.1-5
08MM1300, 3Gbps급 4G 무선 LAN 시스템 개발, 정현규
In this paper, high performance MAC is designed and implemented to support multi-gigabit nomadic access systems. New algorithms and Control channels are introduced for low MAC latency and high MAC throughput. The new multi-gigabit nomadic/local area wireless access, called NoLA, is implemented using the proposed MAC. NoLA demonstrated the multi-gigabit service with full HD video streams where the proposed high performance MAC supports the 84 full HD video streams in real time. The implemented NoLA system shows near 1.8Gbps MAC throughput, which can meet the requirements of the gigabit IMT-Advanced wireless nomadic access. It is proved that the proposed high performance MAC used in NoLA can be one of the promising solutions for the future multi-gigabit wireless communication systems. © 2008 IEEE.
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Control channel, Gigabit Wireless Communication, High performance, IMT-Advanced, Multi-Gigabit, Real-Time, Wireless Access, Wireless communication system, local area