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학술대회 구조가 간단한 마이크로파 센서 개발
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정순원, 이재진, 구경완
대한전기학회 전기 설비 전문 위원회 학술 대회 (춘계) 2008, pp.34-37
07IB2200, 강유전체 박막재료의 특성연구, 유병곤
The microwave sensor in which the sensitivity was excellent and a structure is simple was developed and it manufactured. And the sensing range that uses the developed product was confirmed. When the developed microwave sensor was set up in the ceiling of a building, we confirmed that the amplitude of the sensitive area increased as the tilting angle was enlarged. The sensitive area became a greatest in case the tilting angle was 65 degree. According to the height of a ceiling, because the sensing range is determined, in case of using in the building in which the height of a ceiling is enough secured it is determined to secure the more wide sensitive area. Moreover, the configuration of the circuit having the simple structure makes the miniaturization of a product, and the light weight possible. It is considered to have the price competitive power which it reduces the manufacturing cost, is sufficient.
KSP 제안 키워드
Sensitive area, Set up, competitive power, light-weight, manufacturing cost, microwave sensor, sensing range, simple structure, tilting angle