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학술대회 A New Design of Iterative Detection and Decoding with Soft Interference Cancellation
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남준영, 김성락, 하정석, 안재영
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2008 (Fall), pp.1-6
This paper aims to improve the design of iterative detection and decoding (IDD) based on the soft interference cancellation with minimum mean squared error (SC-MMSE) detector, which shows low performance compared to the maximum a posteriori (MAP) detector. Such low performance is attributed to that the "pure" (original) turbo principle is not always best for IDD with SC-MMSE. Thus, we propose a new IDD architecture based on the SC-MMSE detector which uses new a priori information. Extrinsic information transfer (EXIT) chart analysis and simulation results show that the performance of the proposed IDD is very close to that of IDD based on the MAP detector. ©2008 IEEE.
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Analysis and simulation, Interference cancellation, Iterative Detection and Decoding(IDD), Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) detector, Minimum Mean Square Error(MMSE), extrinsic information transfer (EXIT) charts, mean square error(MSE), priori information, simulation results, turbo principle