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학술대회 Mobile Network Service Using Ticket Issuance in the AAA System
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강서일, 이덕규, 이임영
International Symposium on Ubiquitous Multimedia Computing (UMC) 2008, pp.141-144
08GC1300, 항공선진화사업(비행자료 처리시스템 개발), 한종욱
A ubiquitous network environment is a system where the user can uses avail of the network's services anytime, anywhere. This service is referred to as Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA), and its aspects have been consistently studied. On the other hand, existing studies have been promoted with the authentication and efficiency of the mobile device. In a one method is that is required the mobile device contacts to the home authentication server through the external authentication server every time. Another one is to use a medium server to provide authentication between them. Thus, this paper aims to determine the best method to use ticketing, where tickets are provided through a mobile device by completing authentication and authorization features. Also, it can efficiently provide mobile verification processing. © 2008 IEEE.
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Authentication Server, Mobile devices, Mobile networks, Network service, Ubiquitous networks, authentication and authorization, external authentication, network environment