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학술대회 A Context Aware System for Personalized Services using Wearable Biological Signal Sensors
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강동오, 하기룡, 이전우
International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS) 2008, pp.888-891
08MC4700, SoD(System on-Demand) 서비스를 위한 협업형 VM 시스템 기술 개발, 이전우
In this paper, we propose a context aware system for personalized services using wearable biological signal sensors, by which a user can be provided with a personalized services via a user terminal device on the basis of information of user's stress level derived from biological signals measured using biological signal sensors, and usage behavioral habits of services by a user. The system of this paper is composed of a user terminal device, wearable biological signal sensors, and service providers connected with a user terminal device through external public network. Wearable biological signal sensors are connected with a user terminal device via WPAN communication technology. Stress level of a user is calculated using biological signal sensor values when a service is selected and used by a user. And, user's usage behavioral habits of a service are tracked, like usage time, usage duration, and usage frequency, etc. The gathered information is used to derive user's preference of a service. By using the system mentioned above, a user can be provided with a personalized service which is given on most preferred time, and adjusted to fit a user's preference. To show the feasibility of the proposed system, we apply the system to the music recommendation service.
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Biological signals, Context aware system, Personalized service, Service Provider, Stress level, User's Preference, communication technologies, music recommendation, signal sensor, terminal device