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학술지 A More Compact Representation of XTR Cryptosystem
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Masaaki Shirase, 한동국, Yasushi Hibino, 김호원, Tsuyoshi Takagi
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, v.E91-A no.10, pp.2843-2850
일본, 전자정보통신학회 (IEICE)
08MS2200, 안전한 RFID/USN을 위한 정보보호 기술 개발, 정교일
XTR is one of the most efficient public-key cryptosy stems that allow us to compress the communication bandwidth of their ciphertext. The compact representation can be achieved by deploying a subgroup Fq2 of extension field F 6, so that the compression ratio of XTR cryptosystem is 1/3. On the other hand, Dijk et al. proposed an efficient public-key cryptosystem using a torus over Fq30 whose compression ratio is 4/15. It is an open problem to construct an efficient public-key cryptosystem whose compression ratio is smaller than 4/15. In this paper we propose a new variant of XTR cryptosystem over finite fields with characteristic three whose compression ratio is 1/6. The key observation is that there exists a trace map from Fq6 to Fq in the case of characteristic three. Moreover, the cost of compression and decompression algorithm requires only about 1% overhead compared with the original XTR cryptosystem. Therefore, the proposed variant of XTR cryptosystem is one of the fastest public-key cryptosystems with the smallest compression ratio. Copyright © 2008 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.
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Compact Representation, Decompression algorithm, Extension field, Finite fields, Information and communication, Open Problem, Public-key Cryptosystems, compression ratio