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Journal Article Meta-Architecture : A New Narrow Waist for Future Internet Hourglass
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Shin Myung Ki, 백은경, 최진혁
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Telecommunications Review, v.18 no.5, pp.773-783
SK Telecom 중앙연구소
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08MR3300, R&D on Router Technology for IPv6 based QoS Services and Host Mobility, Jung Boo Geum
Future Internet researches revolve around the notion “Architecture”. Architecture can be defined as the set of principles and basic mechanisms that guide network engineering. Historically, informal architectural ideas guided design of the Internet protocols, but the architecture was formalized later. The today’s Internet architecture is under serious reconsideration and people started thinking about alternatives. It is necessary to support a variety of the new different architectures to accommodate the heterogeneity of Future Internet. In the paper, we discuss new challenges on Future Internet and propose “Meta-Architecture” to accommodate the new heterogeneous architectures. The Meta-Architecture is designed to provide narrowly defined following three design principles: a) network virtualization, b) cross-layer communications, and c) diverse end-to-end arguments that enable co-existence of multiple, diverse heterogeneous networks within the a shared infrastructure. It defines “the new narrow waist” for Future Internet hourglass. It can be also called as a new common layer for Future Internet.
KSP Keywords
Co-existence, Cross-layer, Different Architectures, End to End(E2E), Internet architecture, Internet protocol(IP), Network Engineering, Shared infrastructure, design principles, future internet, heterogeneous architectures