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학술대회 Effect of Deposition Method of Source/Drain Electrode on a Top Gate ZnO TFT Performance
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박상희, 황치선, 양신혁, 윤영선, 박병창
International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) 2008, pp.254-257
08MB2100, 투명전자 소자를 이용한 스마트 창, 조경익
We have investigated the effect of source/drain electrode deposition method on a performance of top gate structured ZnO TFT performance. TFT using S/D of lTO film, consisted of bi-layer which deposited by ion beam assisted sputtering at the initial stage then deposited by DC magnetron sputtering, showed better performance compared to that using S/D of ITO deposited by just DC magnetron sputtering. Two ITO films exhibited different grain shapes and these resulted in different etching properties. We also suspect that charge trapping on the glass substrate (back channel) during the ITO film deposition may influence the characteristics of top gate structured ZnO TFT.
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Charge trapping, Deposition method, Drain electrode, Effect of deposition, Glass substrate, ITO film, Initial stage, Ion Beam, back channel, bi-layer, dc Magnetron sputtering