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학술대회 Robust Watermark detection Against D-A/A-D Conversion for Digital Cinema using Local Auto-correlation Function
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이민정, 김경수, 이해연, 오우태, 서영호, 이흥규
International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) 2008, pp.425-428
08MS1900, 사용자 중심의 콘텐츠 보호 유통 기술 개발, 서영호
In this paper, we propose a blind watermark detection scheme for digital cinema which is robust against D-A/A-D conversion attack. D-A/A-D conversion attack commonly happens during capturing cinema with a camera and is composed of various geometrical distortions as well as signal processing distortions. In many video applications, geometric distortions have been compensated by utilizing auto-correlation function (ACF). Since the ACF cannot resist projective transform but affine transform, we present a robust watermark detection scheme utilizing local auto-correlation function (LACF) with a mathematical model. Also, we suggest a way to design watermark pattern to improve performance of the LACF. We demonstrate robustness of the presented scheme against D-A/A-D conversion attacks for digital cinema as well as common video processing attacks. © 2008 IEEE.
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Detection scheme, Digital cinema, Geometric Distortion, Mathematical model, Projective Transform, Signal Processing, Video processing, affine transform, auto-correlation function(ACF), blind watermark detection, robust watermark