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학술대회 The Mobile Spatial DBMS for the Partial Map Air Update in the Navigation
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민경욱, 안경환, 김주완, 진성일
International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC) 2008, pp.476-481
The service handling the map data in the mobile device including navigation, LBS, Telematics, and etc., becomes various. The size of map data which is stored and managed in the mobile device is growing and reaches in several Giga bytes. The conventional navigation system has used the read-only PSF (physical storage format) in order to enhance the performance of system by maximum in the mobile device which has limited resources. So though a little part of the map data is changed the whole data must be updated. In general, it takes several ten minutes to write the 2 Giga bytes map data to a flash memory of mobile device. Therefore, we have developed the mobile spatial DBMS to solve the problem which is that the partial map data couldn't be updated in the conventional navigation system. And we suggest the policy to guarantee the performance of the navigation system which is implemented using the spatial mobile DBMS and verify this by experiment. With our research results, it is possible to update the map data in real time via wireless telecommunication service (CDMA, Wibro and so on) in a mobile navigation system and we expect that the manipulating of the map data and various services in mobile device can be implemented in easy. © 2008 IEEE.
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Flash Memory, Limited resources, Mobile devices, Read-only, Real-Time, Storage Format, Telecommunication service, mobile navigation, navigation system, research results, wireless telecommunication