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학술지 Measurement of a Customer Satisfaction Index for Improvement of Mobile RFID Services in Korea
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박용재, 허필선, 임명환
ETRI Journal, v.30 no.5, pp.634-643
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
07MD1700, UHF RF-ID 및 Ubiquitous 네트워킹 기술 개발, 채종석
One of the ubiquitous technology fields that have received the most attention recently from technology communities worldwide is mobile radio frequency Identification (RFID). Mobile handsets loaded with RFID readers enable the identification and retrieval of information on RFID tagged objects. In Korea, a variety of mobile RFID services are currently being piloted, and their commercial roll-out looks imminent The goal of this study Is to propose, ahead of the commercial launch of mobile RFID services, a customer satisfaction index (CSI) model for this service category and to then measure the CSI to derive practical implications for their providers and pointers related to the improvement of service. A web survey was conducted on Korean mobile phone subscribers who had participated in a mobile RFID pilot program. Using the results of this survey, we tested the CSI model and its hypotheses by employing a partial least-squares-based structural equation model analysis and calculated the index. We further conducted an importance-performance analysis in order to provide insights that may be useful for improving the quality of mobile RFID services.
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Customer satisfaction index, Importance-performance analysis, Least Squares(LS), Mobile radio, Model Analysis, Partial least-squares(PLS), Passive radio frequency identification(RFID), RFID reader, Radio Frequency(RF), mobile RFID, mobile handset