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학술대회 Defense Technology of Anti Forensic
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조수형, 홍도원
International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS) 2008, pp.884-887
08MS2600, 정보투명성 보장형 디지털 포렌식 시스템 개발, 홍도원
An anti-forensic is the technology which it collects witness data which are disadvantageous for a self among data stored in the computer or the mobile equipment or doesn't analyze and obstructs a forensic. The data enciphering which it is one among the anti-forensic technique codes when storing data in a disc. It is the decoded when reading data technique. The various programs of microsoft Office, adobe PDF, winRar, alzip, and etc. provide the encryption of data. In these environments, the knowledge of over certain level about the digital device like a computer and ability of technique are needed in order to collect evidences. Particularly, it inquires into the technique of reaction which confronts with data hiding and modulation, evidence deletion, data enciphering, BitLocker drive encryption and can find out the evidence of the digital forensic. © ICROS.
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Data Hiding, Digital devices, Digital forensics, Microsoft Office, anti-forensic, mobile equipment