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학술대회 Voice Quality Measurement System for Telephone Service
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정일구, 강현철, 고은진, 이길행
International Conference on Soft Computing as Transdisciplinary Science and Technology (CSTST) 2008, pp.25-30
08KT1100, 고객맞춤형 SLA 관리시스템 개발, 송호영
Recently, plenty of voice quality measuring devices of VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) service is developed to support high quality VoIP service for communication. However, the existing voice quality measuring devices select the unique measurement method, which uses PESQ(Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) or R-factor only. However, the each voice quality measurement method differs from its usage and assumed range, which leads to the slightly different results at the same testing area for voice services. At the actual VoIP service business and related regulatory organizations, they request to use the above two types of algorithm at the same time for measuring voice quality. However, the development expenses are very high to use the above two types of algorithm at the same time for measuring voice quality due to additional resources and subsidiary devices. VoIP business and regulatory agencies also request the hardware specification of the voice quality measurement device is similar to that of VoIP service user terminal, considering VoIP service supply at the wireless mobile internet such as WiBro(Wireless Broadband). In this paper, we present the voice quality measurement method by using of the above two algorithms at the one physical measurement device at the same time for more accurate and reliable VoIP voice quality measurement. In addition, we introduce the development method of the voice quality measurement device with relatively low cost. Copyright 2008 ACM.
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Development Method, Internet protocol(IP), Low-cost, Quality Measurement, VoIP service, Voice over internet protocol, Voice quality, Wireless Broadband, Wireless mobile, measurement device, measurement method