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학술대회 A Robot Platform for Children and Its Action Control
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강상승, 김재홍, 손주찬
International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS) 2008, pp.2095-2098
08MC5200, 인간-로봇 상호작용 매개 기술 개발, 손주찬
As endowing a robot with emotion, it facilitates human-robot interaction. Such a robot system employs a technical method of creating an emotion or selecting a behavior using various sensors such as image, voice and tactile sensors mounted inside and outside a robot. In this paper, we introduce a robot platform which is named RABIE. The robot is a networked robot platform for providing various robotic services for to take care of children with the functions of interactive communication, proactive monitoring, and creative play. We also present a method of action control for the robot applying emotions. The robot is the thing which induces the intimate sense to children and contributes to the emotional stability of children. It will be able to be used for childcare services based on the action interpretation and artificial emotion.
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Action control, Artificial emotion, Creative play, Human-Robot Interaction(HRI), Interactive Communication, Networked Robots, Robot System, Robot platform, Robotic Services, tactile sensor