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Conference Paper Histogram-Based Reversible Data Hiding Technique Using Subsample
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김경수, 이민정, 이흥규, Suh Young Ho
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Workshop on Multimedia and Security (MM&Sec) 2008, pp.69-74
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08MS1900, Development of user-centric contents protection and distribution technology, Suh Young Ho
Reversible data hiding technique guarantees that the original cover image is completely recovered from the marked image after the hidden data are extracted. This technique can be applied in some applications such as medical imaging and law enforcement where any distortion to the original image is not acceptable. In this paper, we present a reversible data hiding algorithm that shifts the histogram of the differences between subimages obtained through subsampling and embeds secret data by modifying the pixel value. Since the subimages are highly correlated and have strong spatial correlations, it utilizes the bins whose differences have smaller magnitude in the difference histogram. Moreover, the proposed scheme prevents possible over/underflow problem and no location map is needed during the retrieval. Experimental results prove that the proposed algorithm provides high embedding capacity while keeping the distortions low. In order to demonstrate the validity of our algorithm, we compare to other histogram-based reversible data hiding algorithms in terms of capacity and visual quality. Copyright 2008 ACM.
KSP Keywords
Cover Image, Hidden data, High embedding capacity, Histogram-based, Medical Imaging, Pixel Value, Reversible data hiding technique(RDH), Visual Quality, difference histogram, law enforcement, location map