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학술대회 Acquisition and Tracking Schemes for a GPS L5 Receiver
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최승현, 김재현, 신천식, 이상욱, 김재훈
International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS) 2008, pp.2214-2217
08MR1800, 위성항법지상국시스템 및 탐색구조단말기 기술개발, 이상욱
ETRI is involved in developing technologies of GNSS ground infrastructure and next generation search and rescue beacon from 2007 up to 2010. In this paper, we are going to develop signal acquisition, tracking and Data decoding algorithm about GPS L5 frequency band. We investigate cold start acquisition schemes by using a FFT algorithm for a GPS L5 software receiver. Since GPS L5 signal is BPSK modulation, tracking algorithm is used by EPL correlator for detecting the navigation data. This algorithm is designed by using SDR technique and verified through the PC-based simulation. In order to test and verify signal processing algorithm, digitized IF signal which is generated through Spirent simulator and ETRI RF section is used. The experimental results for this algorithm will be used for developping FPGA platform. © ICROS.
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BPSK Modulation, Cold-start, FFT algorithm, FPGA Platform, Navigation data, PC-based, Search and rescue, Signal Acquisition, Signal Processing, Test and verify, Tracking algorithm