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학술대회 Sputtered Silicon Antimony Thin Film for The Infrared Detection Layer of Microbolometer
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류호준, 권세인, 전상훈, 조성목, 양우석, 유병곤, 최창억, 이명래
SENSORS 2008, pp.301-304
08MB1900, 유비쿼터스용 CMOS 기반 MEMS 복합센서기술개발, 최창억
We have studied on the sputtered silicon antimony thin film for bolometric materials of mid-IR range application. In order to obtain high detectivity of infrared sensors, the infrared detection materials which have been using today as a resistor must have a high temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and low noise. We fabricated silicon films and their alloy films by sputtering and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. PECVD deposited silicon film has been found to exhibit high level of 1/f noise but having reasonable TCR. On the other hand silicon antimony alloy films have a good TCR comparing to the VO2 and very low levels of 1/f noise than PECVD Si films. Moreover the silicon antimony films have low resistivity and been expected to be the best CMOS compatible material for a high performance microbolometer having high TCR and low 1/f noise. © 2008 IEEE.
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1/f Noise, Alloy films, CMOS-compatible, High Temperature, High performance, Infrared detection, Infrared sensor, Low noise, Mid-IR, Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition(PECVD), Si film