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학술대회 Surface-Micromachined Deep Back Chamber MEMS Acoustic Sensor Using Two Sacrificial Layers
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이재우, 고상춘, 송현우, 박강호, 김종대
SENSORS 2008, pp.569-572
08MB1800, 유비쿼터스 단말용 부품 모듈, 김종대
A deep back chamber micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) acoustic sensor with two sacrificial layers based on surface micromachining on a GaAs substrate is presented. As it is designed to be implemented on only the front side of a substrate in order to satisfy the need for a simple monolithic integrated process, this sensor has bottom electrode anchors fabricated using the first sacrificial layer for the formation of a back chamber. Each bottom electrode anchor, with a rectangular area of 50 μm x 50 μm, enables the bottom electrode to act as a stiff back plate because it make the bottom electrode fix onto a substrate through the patterning of the first sacrificial layer. The circular-shape MEMS acoustic sensor proposed in this paper has a membrane diameter of 1.0 mm and a back chamber total depth of 11.5 μm. It shows a pull down voltage of 9.7 V and a zero-bias sensor capacitance (CS0) of 2.9 pF at 1 KHz. Additionally, the sensor has an open-circuit sensitivity of 0.08 mV/Pa at 1 KHz with a bias of 1.5 V. © 2008 IEEE.
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Acoustic Sensor, Bottom electrode, Front-side, GaAs substrates, Membrane diameter, Micro-electro-mechanical system(MEMS), Monolithic integrated, Open circuit, Sacrificial layer, integrated process, need for