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학술대회 Top Gate ZnO-TFT Driving AM-OLED Fabricated on a Plastic Substrate
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황치선, 박상희, 변춘원, 유민기, 양신혁, 이정익, 정승묵, 김기현, 강승열, 추혜용
International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) 2008, pp.1466-1469
08MB2100, 투명전자 소자를 이용한 스마트 창, 조경익
We have fabricated 2.5 inch QQCIF AM-OLED panel driven by ZnO-TFT on a plastic substrate for the first time. The number of photo mask for the whole panel process was 5 and the TFT structure was top gate with active protection layer as a first gate insulator. Optimizing the process for the substrate buffer layer, active layer, ZnO protection layer, and gate insulator was key factor to achieve the TFT performance enough to drive OLED. The ZnO TFT has mobility of 5.4 cm2/V.s, turn on voltage of -6.8 V, sub-threshold swing of 0.39 V/decade, and on/off ratio of 1.7×1O9. Although whole process temperature is below 150°C to be suitable for the plastic substrate, performance of ZnO TFT was comparable to that fabricated at higher temperature on the glass.
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AM-OLED, AND gate, Active Layer, Buffer layer, Gate insulator, Key factor, Photo mask, Plastic substrate, Process temperature, Protection layer, Whole process