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학술지 1.5 V Sub-mW CMOS Interface Circuit for Capacitive Sensor Applications in Ubiquitous Sensor Networks
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이성식, 이아라, 제창한, 이명래, 황건, 최창억
ETRI Journal, v.30 no.5, pp.644-652
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
In this paper, a low-power CMOS interface circuit is designed and demonstrated for capacitive sensor applications, which is implemented using a standard 0.35-μm CMOS logic technology. To achieve low-power performance, the low-voltage capacitance-to-pulse-width converter based on a self-reset operation at a supply voltage of 1.5 V is designed and incorporated into a new interface circuit Moreover, the external pulse signal for the reset operation is made unnecessary by the employment of the self-reset operation. At a low supply voltage of 1.5 V, the new circuit requires a total power consumption of 0.47 mW with ultra-low power dissipation of 157 μW of the interface-circuit core. These results demonstrate that the new interface circuit with self-reset operation successfully reduces power consumption. In addition, a prototype wireless sensor-module with the proposed circuit is successfully implemented for practical applications. Consequently, the new CMOS interface circuit can be used for the sensor applications in ubiquitous sensor networks, where low-power performance is essential.
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CMOS logic, Capacitive sensor, Interface circuit, Low Supply Voltage, Low power dissipation, Reset operation, Total power consumption, Ultralow power(ULP), logic technology, low voltage, low-power CMOS