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학술대회 The Mechanism and Requirements for Detecting the Cross-Service Attack
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오승희, 이덕규, 한종욱
Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference (APSCC) 2008, pp.656-661
08GC1300, 항공선진화사업(비행자료 처리시스템 개발), 한종욱
The service provided by the mobile device since the network environment becomes with the convergence is varied. The service pattern which personal mobile device provide develops simple individual service into multiple service. In this paper, we consider the threats of the personal mobile devices which support multiple service and multiple communication interfaces such as wireless LAN(WLAN), Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Bluetooth, Wireless Broadband (Wibro), Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX). Because of supporting various communication interfaces at one mobile device, crossserviceattack which doesn't exist in preexistence mobile device appears. The cross-service attack at themulti-functional mobile device generates the fatal problem such as charging and battery consumption unlike the preexistence mobile device to a user. In thispaper, we present the detection and the response mechanism for protecting the multi-functional mobile devices against the cross-service attack. We also suggest the security requirements for the multifunctional mobile devices. © 2008 IEEE.
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Battery Consumption, Code division Multiple Access(CDMA), Communication interface, Mobile devices, Response mechanism, Security requirements, Service pattern, Wireless Broadband, Wireless Local Area Networks(WLANs), multi-functional, network environment