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학술대회 Partial EBG Placement on PDN to Effectively Suppress Simultaneous Switching Noise
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권종화, 심동욱, 곽상일, 윤재훈, 육종관
Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging and Systems Symposium (EDAPS) 2008, pp.89-92
08MR3100, 전자파 기반 진단 및 방호기술 연구, 전순익
To build a stable power distribution network (PDN) in high-speed digital systems, the simultaneous switching noise (SSN) should be sufficiently suppressed. In view of the results of recent research, the uni-planar compact electromagnetic band-gap (UC-EBG) structure is regarded as a promising solution to cope with the SSN problems until the GHz frequency ranges. However, if UC-EBG is adopted for the power/ground plane in the multilayer PCB/package structures, problems of signal integrity may result from the high speed signals passing over the EBG patterns because of the discontinuities of the etched reference plane. In this paper, the partial placement of EBG unit cells only near the sources of noise and/or the noise sensitive components is proposed as a means of both suppressing the noise propagation and minimizing the effects of a discontinuous reference plane. The SSN suppression performance of the proposed structure is validated and investigated both numerically and experimentally. © 2008 IEEE.
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Distribution network(DN), Electromagnetic BandGap(EBG), High Speed, Multilayer PCB, Power distribution network, Reference Plane, Sensitive components, Signal Integrity(SI), Simultaneous switching noise, Speed signals, Uniplanar compact electromagnetic band-gap(UC-EBG)