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학술대회 High Speed Flash Memory and 1T-DRAM on Dopant Segregated Schottky Barrier (DSSB) FinFET SONOS Device for Multi-functional SoC Applications
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최성진, 한진원, 김성호, 김동현, 장문규, 양종헌, 김진수, 김광희, 이기성, 오재섭, 송명호, 박윤창, 김정우, 최양규
International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) 2008, pp.1-4
08MB1800, 유비쿼터스 단말용 부품 모듈, 김종대
A novel dopant segregated Schottky barrier (DSSB) FinFET SONOS device is demonstrated in terms of multifunctioning in a high speed NAND-type Flash memory and capacitorless 1T-DRAM. In addition, a novel program mechanism that uses energy band engineered hot electrons (EBEHE) energized by sharp energy band bending at the edge of source/drain (S/D) is proposed for a high speed Flash memory programming operation. A short program time of 100ns and a low program voltage of 12V yield a Vth shift of 3.5V and a retention time exceeding 10years. For multifunctioning, the operation of a capacitorless 1T-DRAM is also demonstrated with a partially silicided DSSB in the same device.
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1T-DRAM, Energy band, Flash Memory, High Speed, Memory programming, Schottky barrier, Vth shift, band bending, dopant segregated, hot electrons, low program voltage