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학술대회 Real-Time Face Verification for Mobile Platforms
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정성욱, 정윤수, 유장희, 문기영
International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC) 2008 (LNCS 5359), v.5359, pp.823-832
08MS2800, 프라이버시 보호형 바이오인식 시스템 개발, 문기영
We propose a novel method for real-time face verification on mobile platforms such as PDAs and cell-phones. To implement the real-time system, a fixed-point arithmetic is used, and the face components are extracted by using a fast boosting algorithm. In addition, an image reduction method is adapted by using a pre-calculated look-up table, and integral image calculation method is modified to reduce the processing time. Also, the efficient valid coefficients of a DCT transformed image in the face region are calculated, and the face features are extracted by using the EP-LDA methods. In experiments, the usefulness of the proposed method has been demonstrated on a smart phone with high face verification performances. © 2008 Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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Boosting algorithm, Face Components, Face features, Image reduction, Integral Image, Mobile platform, Reduction method, Smart Phone, calculation method, face verification, fixed-point arithmetic