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학술대회 Ceramic Patch Antenna using inductive coupled feed for UHF RFID Tag Moubtable on Metallic Objects
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김정석, 최원규, 최길영, 채종석
Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC) 2008, pp.1-4
A small UHF band RFID tag antenna using ceramic material mountable on metallic surfaces is presented.The size of the proposed tag is 25mm x 25mm x 3mm. The impedance of the antenna can be easily matched to the complex conjugate of the tag chip impedance by adjusting the size of the feed loop and the shorting plate of the side patch or the position of the feed loop. The maximum reading distance of the tag was 6m when it was mounted on a 400mm x 400mm metallic surface. The proposed design is verified by simulation and measurements which show good agreement. ©2008 IEEE.
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Chip impedance, Complex conjugate, Inductive coupled, Metallic surfaces, Patch Antenna, RFID Tag Antenna, Reading distance, UHF RFID tag, UHF band, ceramic material, metallic objects