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학술지 직접 가열 방식을 이용한 반도체 제조용 히팅 장치
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정순원, 구경완
전기학회논문지 P, v.57 no.4, pp.408-411
대한전기학회 (KIEE)
07IB2200, 강유전체 박막재료의 특성연구, 유병곤
As to this research is new structure of the semiconductor substrate heating apparatus. The fast thermoresponsive according to the direct heating structure of the heating plate layer adhering closely to the floor side of a substrate and the fast heat loss minimization can be accomplished. Moreover, the contact area of the sheath heater, which is the heating plate layer built-in heating apparatus, is increased, so that it has more heating valid area. For this, it adheres closely to the substrate, in which the photosensitive film is coated and the heating plate layer, adhering closely to the floor side of a substrate the mica layer which adheres closely to the floor side of the upper heating plate layer in order to minimize an insulation and heat loss, and the lower part of the mica layer and it is comprised of the floor plate layer. The heating plate layer forms the continued groove portion over the floor side whole. The sheath heater for heating a substrate is inserted with the groove portion and the heating plate layer is comprised. It is confirmed that by using the new substrate heating structure, the temperature change of the heating plate against the time is observed. Then, there is the electric power saving effect of about 40 % in comparison with the existing method.
KSP 제안 키워드
Built-in, Contact area, Direct heating, Floor plate, Heat loss, Heating plate, Loss Minimization(LM), New substrate, Substrate heating, Temperature change, electric power saving