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학술대회 요구 사항의 도출과 우선 순위화
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이재기, 남궁한, 정연서
전자 정보 통신 학술 대회 (CEIC) 2008, pp.115-120
08MS4300, 참여형 u-Service 개발환경 시스템 개발(본과제 : u-City 서비스용 개방형 SW플랫폼 개발), 남궁한
While there have been many innovation attempts in relation to the military logistics system, their performancecannot be measured objectively due to a lack of reliable indicators. This is largely because traditional performanceindicators do not systematically consider the requirements of stakeholders in military logistics services. This studyaims to identify user requirements (UR) through a logical and systematic procedure, which would serve as acornerstone for performance indicators in the military logistics system. More specifically, this study formed anexpert group, collected candidate URs through the brainstorming technique, examined qualification conditions,and grouped and stratified them. Using an interview-style questionnaire survey and a comparison with previousstudies, we developed a hierarchical model for UR items. We then applied the analytic hierarchy process (AHP)and identified priorities for UR items. Finally, this study analyzed the resulting priorities from the perspectives ofvarious stakeholders and derived implications. As it applies a scientific method and demonstrates the importanceof reliable UR items, this paper is expected to provide a basic reference in developing performance indicators forfuture innovation in the military logistics system.
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Hierarchical Model, Logistics service, Military logistics system, Performance indicators, Questionnaire survey, Scientific Method, User Requirements, analytic hierarchy process