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학술대회 Multi-Layer Pyramidal Displacement Mapping
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전영재, 오경수, 김해동
International Conference on Virtual Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry (VRCAI) 2008, pp.1-2
08MS1800, 기능 확장형 초고속 랜더러 개발, 남승우
Many methods which represent complex surfaces using displacement map without many vertices have been researched. However, a single-layer displacement map cannot present more complex objects because it has only one displacement on every position. In this paper, we introduce the approach to render more complex objects using a multi-layer displacement map. Displacement values of the texture map are arranged by the ascending order. A pair of ordered displacement composes a geometry block and we use this property. For accurate ray search, we store the highest value for odd channels and the lowest value for even channels to generate a quad tree displacement map. Our ray search algorithm finds an accurate intersection between a viewing ray and a displacement using the hierarchical displacement map. We solve aliasing problems on grazing angles occurred in previous methods and render the result scene on real-time. © 2008 ACM.
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Complex object, Displacement mapping, Quad tree, Real-Time, Search Algorithm(GSA), Single-layer, Texture map, complex surfaces, grazing angles, multi-layer