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학술대회 Web Performance Enhancement of E-business System Using the SSD
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고대식, 정승구
International Conference on Future Generation Communication and Networking Symposia (FGCNS) 2008, pp.81-84
08MR4200, NGS(Next Generation Storage) 시스템 기술 개발, 정승국
In this paper, we proposed web performance enhancement of the e-business system using the SSD(Solid State Drive). In the e-business system, transactions must be strictly ordered, should occur at a fixed point time, and not be lost. We approached to solve e-business problem by using software and hardware techniques such as SSD. X-internet has advantage of C/S and Web applications. Since Xinternet technique enables to reduce the loading time of web pages, X-internet is useful to enhance performance of the e-business system. SSD is a storage device that uses DRAM or NAND Flash as primary storage media. Since the SSD stores and accesses data directly to memory chips, which results in storage speeds far greater than conventional magnetic storage devices(HDD). Therefore x-internet techniques can be used to solve confused browsing and poor UI, and SSD can be used to solve I/O bottleneck of the e-business system. © 2008 IEEE.
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Business system, E-Business, Enhance performance, Fixed-point, Hardware techniques, I/O bottleneck, Loading time, Magnetic storage devices, NAND Flash, Software and hardware, Web application