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학술지 Rich Media Services for T-DMB: 3-D Video and 3-D Data Applications
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이봉호, 윤국진, 이현, 조숙희, 허남호, 김진웅, Christoph Fehn, Peter Kauf
Three-dimensional Imaging, Visualization, and Display, pp.131-151
Mobile TV applications have gained a lot of interest in recent years. The ability to provide the user with a personal viewing experience as well as the flexibility to add new services have made this technology attractive for media companies and broadcasters around the world. In this chapter, we present a novel approach for mobile 3-D video and data services that extend the regular 2-D video service of the Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (T-DMB) system. We demonstrate the main concepts and features of our 3-D DMB approach and discuss our latest research on the efficient compression of stereoscopic 3-D imagery. © 2009 Springer-Verlag New York.
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3D Video, 3D data, Digital multimedia broadcasting, Mobile TV, Novel approach, Rich media, TV applications, Three dimensional(3D), data services(DSs), stereoscopic 3D(S3D), two-dimensional(2D)