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Journal Article Influence of the Ga Addition on Optical Properties of Pr in Ge-Sb-Se Glasses
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김중경, 진병규, 정운진, Bong Je Park, 허종, 최용규
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Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, v.72 no.11, pp.1386-1389
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11MB1300, 10W pump-laser source technologies using semiconductor nano-structure, Jung-Ho Song
Absorption and emission spectra for the 3H4?넄 (3F2, 3H6) transition of Pr 3 ions embedded in GeSbSe glasses turned out to change systematically upon the introduction of a small amout of Ga. Clear blueshift of the absorption peak wavelengths together with the decrease of absorption cross-section was evident in these glasses containing Ga. We believe that the Ga addition into the conventional covalent selenide glasses makes chemical bonds between rare earth atoms and Se atoms more ionic due to preferential location of the GaSe 4 tetrahedra at the second coordination shell of a rare earth atom. Taking into consideration the hypersensitive nature of the Pr3: 3H4?넄3F2 transition, the observed blueshift may manifest the enhanced ionicity of the chemical bonds between Pr and Se in the current Ga-containing glasses. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Absorption and emission spectra, Absorption cross-section, Absorption peak, Chemical bonds, Ge-Sb-Se glasses, Pr 3, Preferential location, optical properties, rare earth atoms