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학술대회 Resizing of Stereoscopic Images for Display Adaptation
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김욱중, 김성대, 김진웅, 허남호
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XX, pp.1-8
08ZR1300, 개인형 3DTV 기술 개발, 김진웅
Display adaptation is one of the key factors for the success of visual services. For two-dimensional (2D) imaging, the display adaptation is generally accomplished by 2D image re-sampling (i.e., up-/down-sampling). However, when it comes to stereoscopic three-dimensional (S3D) images, 2D re-sampling methods are inadequate because additional consideration on the third dimension of depth is not incorporated. In this paper, we analyze S3D image resizing from two aspects: geometrical deformation and frequency-domain aliasing. A number of S3D displays are available in the market and they have various screen dimensions. As we have more varieties of the displays, efficient S3D image resizing is becoming more emphasized. We present the conditions for equi-proportional S3D image resizing using the model of the binocular vision; and propose an anti-aliasing filter for stereoscopic 3D image up/down-sampling. © 2009 SPIE-IS&T.
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2D image, 3D Image, Binocular vision, Down-sampling, Geometrical deformation, Image Resizing, Key factor, Re-sampling, Stereoscopic image, Three dimensional(3D), anti-aliasing filter(AAF)