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학술대회 Dynamic Self Reconfigurable Mobile Platform for Multimodal Life Log Signal
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배창석, 원종호, 유동완
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2009, pp.1-2
08MC2300, 퍼스널 Life Log기반 지능형 서비스 기술 개발, 배창석
This paper proposes a dynamic self reconfigurable mobile platform which can collect, process, and transmit multimodal life log signal. The proposed platform provides highly reconfigurable schemes in 3 levels such as device, network, and application levels. The platform consists of a base module and optional device modules. This optional device module provides the device level reconfigurability. The platform constructs body area networks with other platforms using a near field communication device on the base module. It supports self reconfigurable scheme in network level because of its mobile characteristic. Applications running on the proposed platform depend on the device modules on the main module. The application reconfigurability results from the device level reconfigurability. We have implemented the proposed platform and verified its dynamic self reconfigurable scheme in multimodal life log signal processing. ©2009 IEEE.
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Body Area Networks(BANs), Communication device, Life Log, Mobile characteristic, Mobile platform, Near Field Communication(NFC), Network level, Signal Processing