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학술대회 Stereoscopic Contents Authoring System for 3D DMB Data Service
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이봉호, 윤국진, 허남호, 김진웅, 이수인
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XX (SPIE 7237), v.7237, pp.1-12
07MR3300, 무안경 개인형 3D 방송기술개발, 안치득
This paper presents a stereoscopic contents authoring system that covers the creation and editing of stereoscopic multimedia contents for the 3D DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) data services. The main concept of 3D DMB data service is that, instead of full 3D video, partial stereoscopic objects (stereoscopic JPEG, PNG and MNG) are stereoscopically displayed on the 2D background video plane. In order to provide stereoscopic objects, we design and implement a 3D DMB content authoring system which provides the convenient and straightforward contents creation and editing functionalities. For the creation of stereoscopic contents, we mainly focused on two methods: CG (Computer Graphics) based creation and real image based creation. In the CG based creation scenario where the generated CG data from the conventional MAYA or 3DS MAX tool is rendered to generate the stereoscopic images by applying the suitable disparity and camera parameters, we use X-file for the direct conversion to stereoscopic objects, so called 3D DMB objects. In the case of real image based creation, the chroma-key method is applied to real video sequences to acquire the alpha-mapped images which are in turn directly converted to stereoscopic objects. The stereoscopic content editing module includes the timeline editor for both the stereoscopic video and stereoscopic objects. For the verification of created stereoscopic contents, we implemented the content verification module to verify and modify the contents by adjusting the disparity. The proposed system will leverage the power of stereoscopic contents creation for mobile 3D data service especially targeted for T-DMB with the capabilities of CG and real image based contents creation, timeline editing and content verification. © 2009 SPIE-IS&T.
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3D Video, 3D data, 3ds Max, Chroma-key, Computer graphics, Content authoring, Content verification, Contents creation, Digital multimedia broadcasting, Direct Conversion, Mobile 3D