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학술대회 Intelligent Pervasive Network Authentication : S/Key based Device Authentication
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이덕규, 한종욱, 박두순, 이임영
Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC) 2009, pp.1-5
08GC1300, 항공선진화사업(비행자료 처리시스템 개발), 한종욱
The intelligent pervasive network environment is thing which invisible computer that is not shown linked mutually through network so that user may use computer always is been pervasive. As a number of pervasive network services are available and smart environment is expanding into ubiquitous computing environment, we need to protect intelligent pervasive environment system from illegal accesses and a variety of threats. Intelligent pervasive environment is exposed to various cyber attacks of Internet, involves hacking, malicious codes, worms, viruses, DoS attacks, and eavesdropping since it is connected to Internet. So in this paper, we propose authentication in a intelligent pervasive environment security for guaranteeing reliability and availability including authentication, authorization system. We proposed S/Key based authentication, scheme for secure remote access in intelligent pervasive environments. Furthermore, we describes smart environment authentication which is the basic and essential element in the pervasive network security. And our device authentication concept can offer pervasive network service users convenience and security. ©2009 IEEE.
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Cyber attacks, Device authentication, DoS Attacks, Essential element, Malicious code, Network Authentication, Network service, Pervasive Environment, Reliability and Availability, Secure Remote Access, Service users