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Conference Paper A Dynamic Conditional Access System Based on Cryptographic Software for the IPTV Set-top Box
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Moon Jin Young, Jung Tae Kim, Park Jongyoul, Eui Hyun Paik, Park Kwang Roh
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Digest of Technical Papers International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2009, pp.1-2
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08MC5300, Locational/Societal Relation-Aware Social Media Service Technology, Eui Hyun Paik
This paper proposes a dynamic conditional access system for the IPTV set-top box. The conditional access system dynamically downloads and executes cryptographic software for obtaining control words used for descrambling. The proposed system enables the IPTV set-top box to provide seamless conditional access services to IPTV subscribers without rebooting the set-top box or replacing a hardware security device while the running cryptographic software is changing. Therefore, the IPTV set-top box applying the proposed system also can provide channels that adopt different conditional access softwares. ©2009 IEEE.
KSP Keywords
Conditional access system, Hardware Security, Set-top-box(STB), cryptographic software