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학술지 Control of the Thickness and Length of Germanium-Telluride Nanowires Via the Vapor-Liquid-Solid Method
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정순원, 윤성민, 박영삼, 이승윤, 유병곤
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, v.54 no.2, pp.653-659
한국물리학회 (KPS)
If functional applications exploiting chalcogenide nanowires are to be developed, the geometries of the nanowires must be controlled during their formation in a given process. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of the key factors affecting the growth of nanowires is required. In this research, the optimized methodology for controlling the geometry of GeTe nanowires was intensively investigated by varying the growing conditions of GeTe nanowire for nanoscale phase-change memory applications. When the source temperature was raised from 500 °C to 700 °C at a fixed substrate temperature, both the length and the diameter of the nanowires monotonically increased. The variation of the substrate temperature at fixed source temperature decided the size of the initial nuclei of the nanowires. When the source and the substrate temperatures were fixed, an increase in the growth time accelerated the lengthwise growth of nanowires, reducing their diameters due to the effect of supplied source limitation. Consequently, we found that we could arbitrarily define the length and the diameter of nanowire by carefully controlling such process parameters as the source temperature, the substrate temperature, the growth time and the gas flow rate.
KSP 제안 키워드
Field effect transistors(Substrate temperature), Key factor, Memory applications, Phase Change Material(PCM), Process Parameters, Vapor-liquid-solid, functional applications, gas flow rate, growth time, method IF