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학술지 Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorene-Based Copolymers Containing Siloxane or Distilbene Moieties on Their Main Chain
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조훈제, 박무진, 황도훈, 안택, 홍지원, 이종희, 조남성, 심홍구
Journal of Polymer Science Part A : Polymer Chemistry, v.47 no.6, pp.1595-1608
John Wiley & Sons
08IB3200, 고효율 백색 OLED 소자 기술 개발, 추혜용
Two novel types of polyfluorene copolymers containing siloxane linkages or distilbene moieties on their main-chains were synthesized by Ni(0)-mediated Yamamoto coupling polymerization. These polymers, designated P2Silo05, P2Silo15, PF-P02, and PF-P05 were prepared by copolymerization between 2,7-dibromo-9,9??-dihexylfiuorene and bis(bromobenzene)-terminated disiloxane monomer (for P2Silo05 and P2Silo15) or dibromodistilbene monomer (for PF-P02 and PF-P05). All of the polymers were highly soluble in common organic solvents such as chloroform, toluene, and p-xylene. The glass transition temperatures of the polymers were between 92 and 113 °C, and the decomposition temperatures for a 5% weight loss (Td) were above 420 °C for all of the polymers, demonstrating high thermal stability. The molecular weight (Mw) of the polymers ranged from 4.2 × 10 4 to 8.8 × 104. The blue shift of the maximum in the UV-visible absorption was greater in polymers with a higher molar percentage of siloxane linkages or distilbene moieties than in homo poly (dihexylfluorene) (PDHF). However, the photoluminescence spectra of the polymers were similar to those of PDHF in terms of the onsets and patterns. Single-layer light-emitting diodes were fabricated with a configuration of ITO/PEDOT:PSS/polymers/Ca/ Al. The maximum electroluminescence emission wavelengths of the polymers were 425-450 nm, corresponding to pure blue light. The C1E co-ordinates of the polyfluor-enes containing siloxane linkages or distilbene moieties ranged from (0.21, 0.21) to (0.17, 0.10), indicating deeper blue light than that of PDHF (CIE co-ordinates of (0.25, 0.29)), with P2Silo15 giving the deepest blue-light {CIE co-ordinates of (0.17, 0.10)}. ©2009 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
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Blue light, Electroluminescence emission, Glass transition temperature, High thermal stability, Main chain, Molar percentage, P-Xylene, Photoluminescence spectra, Polyfluorene copolymers, Single-layer, Thermal stability(TGA)