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학술대회 Robust In-Situ Vehicle Detection Algorithm with Acoustic Transition Bandpass Filter
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곽철현, 김민호, 김기태, 홍상기, 김건욱
International Waveform Diversity and Design Conference (WDD) 2009, pp.13-17
In limited energy of wireless sensor networks, energy-efficiency is an important issue related to computation complexity and communication frequency. This paper proposes algorithm for vehicle detection using low complexity transition filter based on hardware and software acoustic signal processing. Performance results of the proposed algorithm are evaluated using developed sensor nodes. The proposed algorithm presents the energy consumption as well as analysis a communication frequency of the algorithm. The results of these analyses demonstrate that VoM based in-situ processing holds the potential to meet the needs of future advanced surveillance system in a scalable fashion. ©2009 IEEE.
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Acoustic signal processing, Band pass Filter(BPF), Communication frequency, Detection algorithm, Energy Efficiency, In-Situ processing, Sensor node, Static wireless sensor networks(WSNs), Surveillance system, Vehicle detection, computation complexity