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학술대회 Capacitive Micro Inclinometer with Scalloping-Free and Footing-Free Vertical Electrodes using Crystalline Etching of (110) Silicon
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윤성식, 정대훈, 안재용, 전민호, 이종현, 제창한, 이명래, 황건, 최창억
SENSORS 2008, pp.662-665
08MB1900, 유비쿼터스용 CMOS 기반 MEMS 복합센서기술개발, 최창억
A micromachined capacitive inclinometer has been developed to detect inclination angles for a position sensing application. In order to enhance resolution, a (110) crystalline silicon-on-patterned-insulator (COPI) process has been proposed to remove the morphologic defects such as footing and scalloping which were formed from silicon deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process. The sidewalls fabricated by the (110) COPI process remarkably became vertical and flat with few nanometer roughness. The micro inclinometer with flat and vertical sensing electrodes was evaluated in terms of capacitance change and detection limit. The capacitance change of the fabricated device is from -0.246 to 0.258 pF for the inclination angle (-90째 to 90째). The temporal deviation of the capacitance is as small as 0.2 fF, which leads to 0.3 or less resolution for 짹70째. © 2008 IEEE.
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Crystalline silicon, Deep reactive ion etching, Detection limit, Reactive ion etching(RIE), Sensing applications, Sensing electrodes, Vertical electrodes, inclination angle, position sensing