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Journal Article Sub-dB/cm Propagation Loss in Silver Stripe Waveguides
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Park Suntak, Ju Jung Jin, Jin Tae Kim, Kim Min-Su, Park Seung Koo, Lee Jong-Moo, Wook-Jae Lee, 이명현
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Optics Express, v.17 no.2, pp.697-702
Optical Society of America(OSA)
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08MB2200, Nano flexible opto-electric PCB module for portable display, Ju Jung Jin
We demonstrate sub-dB/cm propagation losses in polymer-based silver stripe waveguides at the wavelength of 1.31 m. The silver stripe waveguides were fabricated in a low-loss fluorinated polymer clad. To form uniform metal stripe patterns, which are essential for reducing propagation loss, we developed a lift-off process using double layers of photoresist and SiNx. A propagation loss of less than 1.0 dB/cm was obtained with the 11-nm-thick silver stripes in the width range of 1.5 - 4.5 m. A coupling loss of ~ 1.0 dB with a polarization maintaining single mode fiber was achieved for a width of 4.5 m. For a width of 2.0 m, we recorded a minimum propagation loss of 0.4 dB/cm, which is comparable with that of dielectric multi-mode waveguides. © 2009 OSA.
KSP Keywords
Coupling loss, Double layer, Fluorinated polymers, Propagation loss, Single-mode fiber(SMF), Stripe patterns, lift-off process, low loss, multimode waveguide, polarization-maintaining, polymer-based