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학술지 Integration and Characteristics of 40-Gb/s Electroabsorption Modulator Integrated Laser Module With a Driver Amplifier and Bias Tees
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윤호경, 최광성, 권용환, 최중선, 문종태
IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, v.31 no.4, pp.855-860
Integration of a 40-Gb/s electroabsorption modulator integrated distributed feedback (DFB) laser (EML) module with a driver amplifier and bias tee was investigated. For the EML fabrication the selective area growth (SAG) technique was adopted for the first time. It is shown that, with the SAG technique, the 3-dB bandwidth of about 45 GHz was measured in the electrical to optical response, and the return loss (S11) of below -10 dB was achieved for up to 50 GHz. To integrate a bias tee within the module, a right-angle bent coplanar waveguide (CPW) was developed. The right-angle bent CPW was characterized with S11 of below -10 dB for up to 35 GHz and insertion loss (S21) of about -1.4 dB for up to 40 GHz. The whole integrated module including the EML, a driver amplifier, and bias tee was characterized under the conditions of an operating temperature of 25 °C, the modulator bias of 1.4 V, and the DFB laser current of 40 mA. S11 of below -10 dB was obtained for up to 14 GHz and the measured electrical-to-optical response has 3-dB bandwidth of about 20 GHz. © 2008 IEEE.
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3-dB bandwidth, 3.5 GHz, 45 GHz, Coplanar Waveguide Feeding(CPW), Distributed feedback (DFB) laser, Driver Amplifier, Integrated laser, Integrated module, Laser module, Return loss(RL), Right-angle