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Conference Paper Group Key Agreement Scheme for Single Link Failure in Ad-Hoc Network
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황진옥, Choi Young Il, 윤주상, 이영준, 민성기
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International Conference on Networks (ICN) 2009, pp.133-137
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09MC3700, Development of Customer Oriented Convergent Service Common Platform Technology based on Network, Lee Byung Sun
In ad-hoc networks, mobile nodes cannot be supported the group authentication by Internet infrastructure. To resolve the group authentication in ad-hoc networks, several protocols for group key agreement have been proposed. These protocols assumes the reliable communication links between MNs. However, wireless links in ad-hoc network are inherently unreliable. We propose a group key agreement algorithm based on hyper-cube key agreement scheme to cope with failed links during group key agreement. When a link failure occurs in hyper-cube key agreement scheme, the key agreement keeps up the process no longer. The algorithm deals with any single link failures on any one plane of a hyper-cube. © 2009 IEEE.
KSP Keywords
Ad Hoc Networks, Communication link, Group Key Agreement, Group authentication, Hyper-Cube, Internet infrastructure, Mobile node(MN), Reliable Communication, Single Link Failure, wireless link