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Journal Article Mechanically Powered Transparent Flexible Charge-Generating Nanodevices with Piezoelectric ZnO Nanorods
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최민열, 최덕현, 진미진, 김인수, Sang Hyeob Kim, 최재영, 이상윤, 김종민, 김상우
Issue Date
Advanced Materials, v.21 no.21, pp.2185-2189
WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA
Project Code
09ZC1400, Mega Convergence Core Technology Development, Sohn Sung Won
The creation of fully integrated ZnO 1D nanostructure-based piezoelectric charge-generating devices suitable for use as transparent, flexible (TF) self-powered pressure sensors, which are driven by mechanical forces without any electrical sources, was studied. ZnO nanorods on a flexible plastic substrate were prepared using an aqueous solution method. Zinc acetate dehydrate was dissolved in ethanol that had been heated at 90°C. The seed solution was dropped onto the substrate and spin coated at 1000 rpm for 60s. The spin-coated substrate covered with a ZnO-seed layer, was dried onto a hot template at 100°C. FE SEM was performed and HRTEM was carried out using a JEOL 2010F TEM (field emission) with an accelerating voltage of 200 kV. A TF piezoelectric nanodevice with ITO/PES top electrode gave a current density of δ1μA cm-2 which is sufficient for use as a force/pressure sensor.
KSP Keywords
000 rpm, 1D nanostructure, Accelerating voltage, Fully integrated, Plastic substrate, Seed layer, Self-Powered, Spin-coated, Zinc acetate dehydrate, ZnO nanorod, aqueous solution method