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학술대회 New Pilot Designs and ICI Mitigation for OFDM Downlink Systems based on IEEE 802.16m Standards over High Speed Vehicular Channels
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민현기, 김지형, 김형종, 김동규, 권동승, 홍대식
Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) 2009, pp.1-5
Two new pilot patterns and channel estimation methods robust to inter-channel-interference (ICI) caused by fast fading channels are proposed which are applicable to 802.16m standards. A number of clusters of pilot subcarriers are used for channel estimation. In addition, the number of needed parameters for channel estimation is reduced by some properties of ICI in the time and frequency domains. Simulation results show that the proposed channel estimation has good bit-errorrate (BER) performance compared to conventional method based on 802.16m standards at the velocity of 350 km/h and has the same performance at the velocity of 3 km/h. Moreover, if the target BER is lower than the supportable BER of conventional method with uncoded 16QAM, then the proposed method can be better option compared to diminish the modulation scheme as 8PSK considering both BER and throughput. ©2009 IEEE.
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Bit Error Rate(And BER), Channel estimation(CE), Conventional methods, Downlink systems, High Speed, ICI mitigation, IEEE 802.16m, Modulation scheme, Number of clusters, Vehicular channels, channel estimation methods