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Journal Article Novel Planar Metamaterial with a Negative Refractive Index
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Kim Dongho, Choi Jae Ick
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ETRI Journal, v.31 no.2, pp.225-227
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
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08ZR1200, Development of next generation radio sensor technology using artificial electromagnetic structures, Choi Jae Ick
We present, design and analyze a novel planar Left-Handed (LH) metamaterial in the microwave region. This metamaterial is composed of only cut metallic wires and is used under normal-to-plane incidence. Using Finite Element Method (FEM) based simulations and microwave experiments, we have investigated the material properties of the structure. Simultaneous negative values are observed for the permittivity 琯 and permeability μ by the inversion method from the transmission and reflection responses. A negative index n is verified in a bulk prism engineered by stacking several layers of the metamaterial. Our work demonstrates the feasibility of a LH metamaterial composed of only cut wires. ©2009 IEEE.
KSP Keywords
Finite Element Method(FEM), Index n, Inversion method, Negative index, Negative refractive index, design and analyze, left-handed, material properties, metallic wires, microwave experiments, planar metamaterial